Monday, October 1, 2007

has anyone seen my bag?

so someone broke into my car saturday morning (while I was at church, ironically) and took my bag with everything in it...

besides the hassle that the whole ordeal has caused me (broken window in torrential florida rain, on hold on the phone with credit card companies for hours, just to name a few) i'm actually ok about it.

ok that they took my iPod (i have all the music on my computer anyway)

ok that they filled up their car with gas that i paid for (hey, gas is really expensive these days)

ok that my point and shoot camera will now be taking pictures of some random kids of a purse thief (come on, everybody deserves their picture taken!) plus i still have my nikon, so i'll be ok

now the one thing, the only thing i cannot get over is my mac eyeshadow palette

i know, you're thinking i'm this futile, vain girl that never leaves the house without her make up...


i use make up every day because my work calls for it, otherwise i'm a spf and lip balm kind of girl

however, i bought my empty mac palette on the first day of 2007 in boulder while i was on vacation. all this time I have been slowly building my palette with all of my favorite mac eyeshadow colors (god knows it's hard to choose when you have so many choices!)

10 months later, i had finally filled in the 15th spot on the palette with a pretty mauve color and BAM... some jackass steals my wallet and gets my pretty make up as a bonus

but that's just how life goes, i understand... to his doom i had ONE dollar in my wallet (sucker! wrong car to break into, i never carry cash)

to my fortune... what goes around certainly comes back around, as JT the philosopher used to say...

i figure maybe you guys could help me so here is a picture of the missing item (try to imagine it full of pretty greens, golds and other funkadelic colors) if you're in the oakland park area and happen to come across it, send me an email asap please

p.s. there will be a reward (make up and glamour shot by me :)

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