Monday, December 10, 2007

i'm such a slacker

it's been forever since i last wrote in this blog...
the holiday season is here and things always get hectic this time of the year (i gotta blame it on something).

but anyway, i had the privilege to shoot with the ray santana and awesome alex rodriguez.
i had a serious case of envy because alex had a killing d2x and ray, well, uncleray had the ridiculously amazing new d3 (yes, i did get to touch it).
needless to say my d100 was very embarrassed and shy when faced with her cousins on steroids...

it's great to meet other cool great photographers that don't mind sharing their knowledge and showing some love to us newbies...
deise and herly were our models as ray will be shooting their upcoming wedding in february.

thank you so much uncleray for letting me come along and even try out your new d3... you are hilariously fun to have around!
thank you alex for sharing your experience and knowledge and giving me tips, you are a sweetheart.

here are the boys in action...

i think it's impossible to take a bad picture of these two...

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Alex Rodriguez said...

Hi gilcelia, great shots. Had a blast, lets get together soon.

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