Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the bernstein family

it was so great hanging out with the bernstein family last week... it didn't feel like work at all!
the boys are simply adorable and the four of them make the most sweet and loving family.

this is big brother ethan:

and this is cutie pie andrew:

mom & andrew:

everybody had a great time at the beach...

i love the way ethan is cracking up in this picture:

this picture just tells me so much about the kind of family they are...

love this shot!

boys are so cute!

andrew had so much fun on the sand...

can you tell?
his eyelashes are so long! (i'm a sucker for long eyelashes :)

love the cheek dimples ;)

the boys are really close to their dad...

i think andrew looks especially cute in this picture:

adys, thank you so much for letting me capture your beautiful loving family.


paula leme said...

nada como morar perto da praia!! adorei os portaits! o gurizinho mais novo e um super fofo!!
great job, as always ;)


arochael said...

Ficaram lindas essas fotos Gil, you got talent girl!!

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