Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the lawlors

i absolutely LOVE the lawlors... i've known them for about 6 years or so, and they are just about the most wonderful and perfect family i've ever met. deise came with me to the shoot and she took some of the pictures below (can't remember which ones because we kept swapping cameras)...

john is from boston, i think he is hilarious (and i only understand 50% of the stuff he says, imagine if i got it all)... hehehe

lisa is simply the kindest, most easy going person in the whole universe, i (and anybody who meets her) love her:

they have 3 kids (although i personally think they should have had like 2 dozen kids because nice, reasonable people should procreate more, that way maybe there's hope for this planet...)anyway, their kids are the best, i simply adore them.
this is bob, he's super fun and smart... he beats my husband eddie at wii and he can read faster than i can! =)

bob was quite the model, deise captured a few of his many faces (freckle cuteness alert):

next there's lucy...
lucy just puts all kids on earth to shame, because i doubt there's another child so sweet, kind, good hearted, good helper, and as adorable as she is (she's like a mini lisa)... AND she's got the prettiest hair I've ever seen:

lucy is into gymnastics and she did a few of these for us:

then there's james, completely irresistible james...
he's gonna break some hearts, i can already see it...

james wasn't too thrilled about posing... but he did say cheese a few times:

i love this shot (it was deise's)

and finally there's mable, the cutest, sloppiest bulldog in the entire fort lauderdale:

here's a shot of everybody:

and some other favorites...

bob was kind enough to lend us a hand (he is good at it too!):

downside up lucy:

do not let this next picture fool you for a second... this is not who john and lisa really are:

now, this is more like them:

kiddos playing...
other moments...

and the last few of everybody...

thank you deise for always helping me out...
thank you john, lisa, bob, lucy, and james for allowing me to be a part of your lives...

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paula leme said...

linda família, gil!

as fotos estão ótimas!


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