Monday, August 11, 2008

an open letter to my blog readers (all 5 of you)

ok, so this is the deal.
i suck at keeping up with this blog, it’s a fact.
i know some of you waste your time checking back often and end up frustrated that there’s rarely anything new.
i would love to have a great excuse why i haven’t been blogging but in reality no matter how busy i am, i can always make time for writing here, and i simply don’t.
i like to think it has to do with my perfectionism and the fact that i want to post either something brilliant, or nothing… ironically it usually ends up being nothing.


from now on things will be a little different…
i made a vow to start posting more… but in order to ward off laziness i will simply post less text and more pictures, how about that?
this is a photography blog after all.
i will also try to post more about my personal life… it’s not usually that exciting but sometimes a thing or another might be worth telling you.
i hope i can keep up with my word. please continue to leave comments because that will make me post more :)
thank you for your patience and for taking your time to come here, you make my day… i’ll do my best to make your time worthwhile.

lazily yours,

p.s. i have a super exciting project i am currently working on and will announce it here once it’s ready…

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