Thursday, August 14, 2008

pick your favorite

these are my friends anne and serginho. they are such a cool, smart, and funny couple, i love hanging out with them...
we did a "just for fun" session a while back and this is my favorite picture from their shoot.
i've been playing around with textures and wanna know what you think.
which one of the 3?

SA 525t

SA 525j

SA 525r


Janete said...

Gosh, really hard to say... they all look amazing!
I'd say the third one is my favorite x

paula leme said...

love them all, but my favorite is #2

Deise Santile Dobelin said...

Number #2!!!!!!!!!my fave

Lina Ortega said...

Oi Gil!! que fotos boas!!!
very hard! but im going to say #2! :)

Todd Good said...

#2 for the WIN!!!

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