Tuesday, December 9, 2008

give and take

i just want to say something that's on my mind today.
lately i've had a few client inquiries from brides around the country and a common concern seems to be that everyone is on a tight budget.
i know the economy is not in its best shape right now and trust me, we are all suffering from it. i also know i'm totally biased but let me just say how important your wedding pictures are.
your wedding pictures are the only thing that will stay with you to remind you of those moments for the rest of your life.

when i got married, getting a great photographer was my #1 priority, not just because i love pictures, but mostly because i knew what those images would represent. i hired rafaela the moment i met her because she reflected our personal style and was exactly what i was looking for. she probably cost more than everything else that night except the buffet but hey, it was only 3 years ago and i don't even remember what the main course was! my wedding album however sits on my coffee table now.

i could go on and on about this, but who cares.
yes designer gowns and jimmy choos are fabulous, but honestly, if your photographer is not outstanding, they are not even going to look that great on pictures...
i'm not telling you to hire me, i'm just saying, realize the importance of this decision because everything else will be gone the next day, but your pictures will last for generations to come.
find a photographer that fits your style, even if it's traditional, find the best traditional photographer you can afford.
do not compromise on the most important aspect of your day. you will regret it.

just a thought...


paula leme said...
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paula leme said...

i couldn't agree more.

like you, i chose to invest in a good photographer at my wedding and i have no regrets!


Bianca Valentim Photography said...

I Agree!!

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