Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'm alive

sorry folks.
my life has taken some strange turns lately and i haven't been able to keep up the speed.
all is well though.
thank you for still coming by, sorry if i let you down.

i went away at the end of the year for some much needed away time...
i fell in love with the state of vermont and placed it under the same category that california and colorado are in my heart.
we stayed at our friends shari and mary's house.
just a few shots...

first we stayed 4 days in nyc. having breakfast at dean and deluca everyday and walking around soho never hurts.
12.08 429 copy

IMGP2527 copy

shari and mary have 3 dogs and 5 cats... they are the godmothers of all rescue animals...
this is mickey:
12.08 460 copy

this is shari, we chased kangaroos in australia together 2 years ago :)
12.08 540 copy

eddie walking with idgy in the morning

shari and mary, thank you so much for showing us vermont and sharing your house and pets with us.
it was great having real syrup in the morning and homemade pizza with beer every night with you guys...

oh yeah... and i learned to snowboard! thanks kevin =)

ok, back to reality now.


paula leme said...

nice to have you back, gil ;) hehehe

always good to see some dogs in people's blogs :D

Bianca Valentim Photography said...

vc veio pertinho de mimm!!!
qdo vou poder conhecer vc in person?!!

Junia Lane said...

obaaa !!! vc de volta!!!
as fotos estao lindas Gil!:)

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