Monday, March 16, 2009

...but then i had kids

no, it wasn't me who had kids. it was my friend liz.

liz is, as i love to proudly announce, my published writer friend.
she's the epitome of the perfect woman: intelligent, stylish, profound, beautiful, athletic, organized, fun, and a little wild.
i can always count on her (due partly to her extreme type a personality) and she is the main reason why i have this blog and the website (i'll tell that story someday).
anyway, i'm telling you all this because she recently started a blog.
it's a blog about parenting... well, sort of.
see, liz has a very interesting perspective on the whole motherhood thing, which i find very amuzing. her writing is brilliant (did i mention she's a published writer?) and you MUST check it out and add it to your favorites:


i'll keep a permanent link here on my favorite blogs list.
go on there now and leave her some love.


1 comment:

Liz said...

Thanks, love...and who knew I was the "epitome of the perfect woman"?! Whew...I gotta live up to that?!?

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