Thursday, May 7, 2009


for the longest time i wanted a dog, but chance had it that we found a cat wandering the streets of downtown hollywood one day... we fell in love with him and brought him home.
and so mojito has authoritarianly reined the house for the past two years...
IMG_0093a copy

...until two months ago a friend called and asked if i wanted to adopt her dogs because she could no longer care for them.
IMG_0202a copy

when i first brought coco and gracie home mojito was not thrilled... but they've become friends and even play together now.
IMG_0134a copy

this is gracie, she's a maltese
IMG_0163a copy

and this is coco, she's a morkie (maltese/yorkie mix)
IMG_0172a copy

we are still adjusting to having 3 pets, but at the end of the day we love our mini zoo...
IMG_1226a copy
and that's how we became one big family :)


Bianca Valentim Photography said...

Ohh My!!!
You are very blessed!!!
What a beautiful big family!!!
I wish i could have at least one dog!!
I'm happy for you!

Dani Siqueira said...

What beautiful colors of your photos! What camera and lens you used? I love your work!


paula said...

gil, i love all your animals! hehehe

they are adorable! great shots ;)

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