Tuesday, May 12, 2009

john casablancas

a few days ago deise and i had the opportunity to shoot a few portraits of john casablancas.
his wife aline and his kids are super sweet, and we felt at home the whole time.

IMG_3297a copy

IMG_3318a copy

IMG_3463d copy

IMG_3448b copy copy

these are fernando and johnny, his adorable kids
IMG_3395a copy

IMG_3354a copy

thank you silvia for thinking of us.
thank you deise d. for being the best partner anyone could ask for.


paula said...

great portraits, gil :)

Liz said...

As in, the modeling agency John Casablancas guy??

Priscila Mota said...


Deise Santile Dobelin said...

No gil thank YOU for taking me ;)
luv it!

Anonymous said...

That's a girl isn't it? His daughter? Her name's Nina and Fernando and Johnny are his sons.

Anonymous said...

Your photography is beautiful!

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