Friday, May 15, 2009

the duffy family

this family is simply a-dorable! get ready for some serious cuteness coming your way...

IMG_4468a copy

IMG_4287a copy

IMG_4481a copy

IMG_4636a copy

IMG_4661a copy

i'm in love with this picture:
IMG_4515c copy

cate has a thing for flowers:
IMG_4541b copy

comp4 copy

before cate sat down for this picture she said: i love my family! :)
IMG_4692a copy

little david thinks his dad is pretty hilarious:
comp2 copy

then off to the park we went
IMG_4973a copy

i think this is probably my favorite family shot ever!
IMG_4897d copy

IMG_4947b copy

IMG_5061a copy

IMG_5182a copy

comp1 copy

IMG_5319a copy

IMG_5150a copy

told you...
comp3 copy

IMG_5399a copy

amy, i loved loved loved taking pictures of you guys, let me know when little david is ready for the beach!


paula said...

gil, que crianças deliciosas!!!! ai, nada como ter sol o ano todo, né? lindo trabalho!!


Liz said...

Oh, I LOVE them! My fave is the one of Daddy and baby in front of the garage! So original. And I love that they're in front of their home...such a treasure for when years go by and they look back at their 1st home together as a family of 4.

jackie said...

i also love the family shot under the tree and love, love, love,that they choose their home and neighborhood park ...great memories

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