Monday, November 16, 2009

bike race

my husband eddie has been in love with sports since he was a chubby kid and his dad forced him to play soccer to lose weight. he loves the outdoors like no one i've ever met and has a passion for all things nature.
him and his friends are always doing races, from marathons and iron mans to mountain bike and adventure races like desafio de los volcanes, ecomotion, and XPD (also known as 10 days lost in the australian outback), etc.
they are always pushing their limits to find out how much more pain they can endure and how much more miserable they can feel.
well, to each his own, and if it keeps him happy (and it does!) i try to be there as often as i can to support and register his craziness.
this race was a small mountain bike race they did in northern florida a few months back... deise was there with me because her husband also raced (we took a nice walk and talked photography while they killed themselves).
here are a few shots from the day:



our funniest friend, jim:


his lovely wife heather:


notice the energy gel strategically placed for a mid-race snack


eddie's jersey says paradofobia, which is a team he created with his buddies in brazil. paradofobia means "fear of staying still" in portuguese (but don't look it up because technically the word doesn't exist :)


the whole crew:



eddie, his bff pablo, and deise's husband herly:


jim and heather crossing the finish line (notice the mixture of happiness/pain in heather's face):


i'll try to post some of their adventures more often :)


paula leme said...

you guys know how to have fun ;)
great images, love the flare!

priscila said...


Liz said...

Wow, Eddie's bff is hot...and he wrote a book?!? ;)

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