Tuesday, February 2, 2010

raiza + edwardo

art + music + creativity + love = raiza & edwardo

IMG_5283a copy

IMG_5372a copy

IMG_5309b copy

IMG_5580b copy

IMG_5460a copy


*VERY interesting note about this picture* the camera you see on the right of the frame was raiza's grandfather's camera, he was fidel castro's photographer in the 1950s

IMG_5393a copy

IMG_5427a copy

IMG_5512a copy


IMG_5516a copy

i heart this picture so much:

IMG_5347a copy

so excited to be shooting their wedding with deise in a few weeks.
raiza and edwardo's wedding was chosen to be featured on TLC's four weddings.
holla back if you see me on tv! :)


priscila said...

uauuu, que ensaio inspirador :)

paula said...

beautiful beautiful!!! the last one is my favorite :)

Deise Santile Dobelin said...

omg omg..love it!! every single one...you are amazing!!!

Liz said...

So great! Where the heck did you take these? Your talent is amazing.

Redbeet Mama said...

Pushed the "next blog" and saw this- beautiful and fun photos - what talent!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with every pic!

C said...

Simply lovely! :)

Todd Good said...

Gil, such a great shoot and I'm totally feelin the vintage attire! Super fun set of images!

Renata Marques said...

gil! que lindas essas fotos! adorei! a foto do tchauzinho no trem tá ótima!

Lilian Ouro said...

beautiful beautiful!!! the last one is my favorite :)

Kate! said...

love the old timey feel to these

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