Saturday, October 27, 2007

ben kincaid aguerre

ben is the most sweet, well behaved, adorable child.
it's hard to describe what i feel when i look into those big brown eyes of his...
he's just perfect.
his parents are not bad either... hehe... just kidding!
liz & pablo are great people that we are blessed to call friends.
liz and i had an afternoon of food, coffee, and laughter while we shot these pictures of ben.
watch out for some serious cuteness to come ;)

his father drives a yellow truck, and because he was out of town that weekend, ben did not let go of this toy:

a good commercial shot for evenflo

he's a big mickey fan
the beach is his favorite place in the world... i think you'll be able to tell by these shots:

can you tell this is his environment? how cute is this shot?

ben is fascinated by the moon, it was one of his first words. so as we were leaving he did this:

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