Monday, October 22, 2007

matt & kerrie

my dear friend from photography school winston delawar let me tag along with him to a wedding this weekend.
i had such a great time shooting with him, his daughter and assistant. although we have very different photography styles, i learned so much from them (thank you winston, you are so funny and kind).
the bride is from england and she had some handsome cousins from the mother land at the wedding. :)

here is the groom waiting...

these twins were the cutest!

you gotta love british hairpieces... i wish i could pull this off in america!

remember the good looking lads? ;)

the twins watching all the commotion:

i love this picture of kerrie walking down the aisle, doesn't it look like heaven is blessing her?

only winston can organize a crowd this big for formals!

a little polaroid "action" hee hee

groom and best man having a cigarette break

the glowing bride

i literally stalked these two boys all afternoon!

matt and kerrie, may you live an enchanted life together!
dear winston:

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