Thursday, November 15, 2007

[b]ecker is coming to town!

tuesday i found out that the becker is coming to Miami, and he wants to have lunch with us, mere mortal aspiring photographers (!!)
becker is the equivalent of a rock star in the wedding photography industry and of course i am not missing this amazing opportunity!
i'm so thrilled and excited to get to meet him and pick his brains.
of course i've invited my fabulous friend, and aspiring photographer herself, deise to come along...
i can't wait.

here's a shot deise got of me on our last photo adventure... this is perhaps one of my favorite pictures of myself... ever.


Alex Rodriguez said...

[ b ] e c k e r Rules! Nice meeting you.


Ray Santana said...

sup dude... gilcelia give me a buzz when you get a chance your buddy ray.....

Mariana said...

essa foto realmente é de chorar de linda...

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