Thursday, November 8, 2007


i am not a morning person.
i don't wake up in a horrible mood but i'm not jumping for joy either.
to be honest, in my mornings the only thing i want is silence.
however, there are two sounds i like to hear while waking up… my husband's good morning and mojito's meow.
we adopted mojito in february and he brings so much joy to our daily lives.
eddie (a former cat "hater") is totally smitten with our kitty.
mojis is the sweetest, most playful cat ever! he "attacks" your feet when he wants to play, he’s friendly to everyone that walks in our door, he's the best!
my favorite thing about my cat is the different sounds that he makes. he has a specific meow depending on what he wants. they are the cutest sounds ever!
i want to record them and post them here someday so you can understand what i mean.
for now, here's a picture of mr. perfection being silly in our bed this morning...

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