Friday, March 28, 2008

trash the dress

ok, so deise didn't actually trash the dress... it's too pretty (and expensive) for that!
but we did get some great shots before she sends it to the cleaner...
i just had to post tons of images this time because i loved so many of them... so bear with me...


Alex Rodriguez said...

Good shots!

paula leme said...


Gil, que fotos divinas! Uma mais linda que a outra, nao consegui achar uma preferida!! Great job girl!
Me diga uma coisa, que actions vc esta usando?

bjokas ;)

deise dobelin said...

Gil...you take my breath away..with those pictures hehehe

Diana Reis said...

Oi Gil!!
Lindas as fotos da Deise!!!
Ela tb é maravilhosa!! hehe...
Fica fácil!! rsrs...
Bjo, Diana

Bruna said...

Hey !
Deise looks Stunning and the pictures are awesome!

Kudos for both!

-Bruna Manuela.

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