Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the menton girls

i had so much fun shooting leah and corrie last week!
kids are so much fun and so full of life, it's hard to keep up with them!
this is leah:
and this is corrie (right after a cartwheel):

they have bright and very different personalities... leah is into horses and corrie is a cheerleader...
corrie won't hesitate telling you she has won every competition they've ever entered, but as soon as she finishes that statement, leah will correct her: except one!

pillow fight!

this is probably my favorite picture from the shoot... i love corrie's expression and it feels as if she is looking right through you...

i loved hanging out with you girls!
i really miss my sisters :(

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paula leme said...

sempre entro aqui pra comentar, mas quando vejo estou logada na conta do tiago...enfim... amei as fotos, principalmente as que aparecem as sardinhas de uma delas...fofissima!

bjokas ;)

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