Wednesday, July 29, 2009

andrea & richard

last month, deise and i flew to dallas to shoot andrea and richard's wedding along with paula leme.
the three of us had a great time and i only wish paula didn't live in chicago so we could work together more often.
andrea was the calmest bride i have ever seen and i loved the marie antoinette color scheme she chose!
here are some of my favorite images... (don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end)

IMG_6317a copy

IMG_6648a copy

IMG_6564a copy

andrea and her dad:

IMG_6588a copy

IMG_6515a copy

comp copy

right after the pastor proclaimed they were married:

IMG_6882b copy

Untitled-1 copy

they got married at the fort worth water gardens

IMG_6990a copy

IMG_7019a copy

IMG_7030b copy

IMG_7069a copy

IMG_7290a copy

IMG_7058a copy

IMG_7324a copy

IMG_7378b copy

the couple and the three photographers:

IMG_7510a copy


Priscila Mota said...

Um sonho :)

paula leme said...

gil, i LOVE it all! your images are stunning, it was awesome working with deise and you, you are both great!!


C said...

Thank you Gil, its beautiful!

Bianca Valentim Photography said...

great pictures Gil!
you 3 did a wonderful job!

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