Sunday, July 19, 2009

nikolas is here

remember the riveron family? i thought it was impossible for that family to get any cuter, but i was wrong... annette had nikolas a few weeks after our shoot.
he is SO cute and tiny!

IMG_5509a copy

IMG_5781a copy

compo copy

IMG_5807a copy

IMG_5755a copy

little ed is one proud big brother

IMG_6023a copy

IMG_5690a copy

IMG_5982a copy

IMG_5608a copy

isn't nikolas delicious?!

IMG_5898a copy

IMG_5925a copy

love this family shot:

IMG_6143a copy


Priscila Mota said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priscila Mota said...

ounnn, família linda e completa :)

paula said...

cute family! nikolas is really adorable :)

Junia Lane said...

Nada como a chegada de uma gostosura como essa, hein?! As fotos estao lindas Gil!!!:)

Liz said...

So cute...I don't think Ben would've agreed to Aidan lying there on him like that. Annette looks great, huh??

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