Friday, May 8, 2009


eva is my friend beth's daughter. she is the cutest thing, her eyes are so gorgeous and piercing!
she's contracted with ford models so i went to get some shots for her portfolio...
check out the cuteness
IMG_0872m copy

IMG_0880m copy

IMG_0910m copy

eva is at that age when they won't sit still for five seconds. beth and i looked like two crazy ladies running after the child... hehehe
IMG_1010n copy

IMG_1102m copy

and then the inevitable happened... i made her cry :(
IMG_1150m copy

but i thought she was beautiful even crying so i didn't stop shooting!
IMG_1147n copy

and this is her rock star mama beth lobos. beth is a friend of my friend liz, and we became friends the minute we met.
she has a pretty interesting life story, check out her blog
IMG_1083n copy

it's midnight so i'm going to bed... key largo wedding tomorrow with deised... can't wait!


Alex Rodriguez said...

Super cute, love the eyes.

paula leme said...

i love this post gil!!!

eva is completely gorgeous!

hope you girls had fun at the wedding!! see you in less than a month :)

Deise Santile Dobelin said...

Gillll...this little girl is adorable...can't believe you made her cry...lol
I loved all the pics

Bianca Valentim Photography said...


Diana Reis said...

Gil!! Que criança mais linda!! as fotos estao perfeitas!! Como sempre! bjao

Beth Lobos said...

oh Gil- you should photograph her now- she's going to be 5 in December! and I better see you this summer!!

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